Asbestos concerns arise at the Federal Election Commission

Asbestos concerns arise at the Federal Election Commission

The Center for Public Integrity |
August 29, 2018

Union representing agency employees warns of ‘potential exposure’

Several Federal Election Commissionemployees are concerned they may have been unwittingly exposed to asbestos — a known carcinogen and lung irritant — while working at the agency’s downtown Washington, D.C., headquarters during the mid-1990s.

A recent asbestos remediation notice taped to the entrance of the FEC’s former headquarters, which the agency vacated in March and is now under renovation, prompted alarmed employees to contact the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents some FEC workers.

Union officials said several employees recalled extensive interior work at the old FEC headquarters during the 1990s, and they’re worried asbestos could have then been released into the air.

Credit by - The Center for Public Integrity

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