Election 2016 Gets a Report Card

Election 2016 Gets a Report Card

Pro Publica |
August 9, 2018

A report out today by the MIT Election Lab finds signs of progress and evidence of protest.

A new report out today by researchers at MIT contains some good news about America’s election process. States seem to have fixed the long lines and sky-high wait times that plagued voters in 2012. Overall, it’s getting easier to vote, the research shows.

The report, called the Election Performance Index, also found evidence of a large group of voters who cast a protest vote in 2016.

The index is based on a variety of sources, including public surveys and census data. It grades each state on 17 factors that are designed to measure how well they administered the 2016 elections, from voter turnout to provisional ballot rates to the quality of a state’s public data.

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