How La Nación’s Data Team Produces Award-Winning Stories

How La Nación’s Data Team Produces Award-Winning Stories

September 1, 2018

Data journalism has experienced a boom in Latin America, and several countries have been recognized for the quality of their work, despite difficulties accessing government data.

The region’s powerhouse is Argentina, which, since 2014, has been the most awarded country in Latin America by the Global Editors Network (GEN)’s Data Journalism Awards.

In 2018, La Nación once again won the “Chartbeat award for the best use of data in a breaking news story, within the first 36 hours” in the Data Journalism Awards. The storycovered the ARA San Juan submarine that disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean in November 2017. Journalist Carolina Ávila spoke about the project, sharing her vision of what makes La Nación one of the most awarded media outlets in the region for data journalism.

Ávila was the project leader of the ARA San Juan Submarine project for which the team created a video based on the positions of the boats looking for the missing vessel. Using the MarineTraffic database, LN Data — the publication’s data team — searched for the vessels that were locating the submarine and tracked them from November 17 to 23 to find out which direction the vessels were heading.

Credit by - GIJN

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