“NRI account mein poora amount dump kar dena (Dump the whole amount in the NRI account)”

Our reporter tells Ganpathi R. that the money is in cash and belongs to a politician who wants to invest it discreetly. Ganpathi tells his visitor to open an NRI account with the bank: “NRI account mein poora amount dump kar dena (Dump the whole amount in the NRI account).”

But would it be safe from the eyes of the tax authorities? Ganpathi reassures him by saying he has done the same thing for another politician: “Ye KCR ka saala … he is Mr. Ramachandran … uska 50 lakh tha (This KCR’s brother-in law … he is Mr. Ramachandran … had brought in Rs.50 lakh).”

Ganpathi rethinks his strategy and suggests opening an NRE account instead from which the money would be routed into investment, without a PAN. He says: “Whatever cash you can dump in this account even PAN number not generated there…aur wo account se route kar lenge (and we will route it through the account).”

Finding things going his way, the reporter then asks the Branch Manager if Rs. 20 crore could be transferred offshore. Certainly, says Ganpathi. But it is too big an amount. So, he advises against doing it at once: “Immediately that much of amount nahin…thoda thoda karke (Immediately not that much of amount…do it in smaller chunks).”

Ganpathi is ready to visit the politician at his residence. He even agrees to waive the mandatory requirement of a medical examination. And he pledges to keep his seniors in the loop.

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