White House Contender Jay Inslee Rolls Out A Plan To Restore Unions, Boost Wages

White House Contender Jay Inslee Rolls Out A Plan To Restore Unions, Boost Wages

Dave Jamieson |
July 26, 2019

The Washington governor says his state has proved putting workers first is good for the economy.

Democratic presidential candidate Jay Inslee is unveiling a plan he touts as a way to revive U.S. unions and increase worker bargaining power after decades of decline. And he asserts that his experience implementing progressive and labor-friendly policies as governor of Washington gives him the experience to make that happen on a national scale.

His state’s story “absolutely blows up (President) Donald Trump’s trickle-down theory of economics,” Inslee, who first won the governor’s office in 2012, told HuffPost via phone. “If you adopt worker-friendly policies, it is the key to economic growth. We have a middle-out strategy…  and our economy is absolutely screaming with growth.”  

Inslee’s detailed plan, “The American Dream: Investing in Unions and Workers,” was provided by his campaign to HuffPost ahead of its planned release later on Friday. The blueprint would overhaul U.S. labor policy in sweeping ways, much like his climate plan ― which has been his core message ― would do for the environment. It would also turn into federal law some of the most progressive worker policies now percolating at the state and local levels.

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