No place to run (rebroadcast)

No place to run (rebroadcast)

The Reveal News |
August 11, 2018

In Texas, the foster care system is failing the vulnerable children it’s meant to protect, leaving many without a safe place to live.

children often end up on the streets or in jail, which is one of the few places where they can receive treatment services. In this episode, which originally aired in July 2017, we look into the crisis in foster care, and efforts to fix it.

Jean grew up in a home unfit for a child. Her mother struggled with drug addiction, and her father was abusive. Eventually, the state of Texas stepped in and put Jean in foster care. She was hopeful that her life would change for the better, but it didn’t. Jean ended up in more danger than she faced at home. Through Jean’s story, the Texas Tribune’s Edgar Walters exposes the problems with the state’s child welfare system and why efforts to reform it have gone nowhere. Kids by the thousands are adrift in Texas’ foster care system, and they often end up on the street where sex traffickers exploit them.

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