News State hate crime laws vary, often leaving out LBGTQ protections

State hate crime laws vary, often leaving out LBGTQ protections

Five states don't have laws that specifically criminalize hate crimes. Laws in 45 other states differ.

The Center for Public Integrity - September 6, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS – Pastor Ron Johnson has long played a role in conservative politics in Indiana. Three years ago, he stood behind Vice President Mike Pence as the then-Indiana governor signed a religious-freedom bill designed to offer legal remedies for people whose “exercise of religion has been substantially burdened.”

The legislation thrust Indiana into the national spotlight as local and national business leaders feared the law might be used to “justify discrimination based upon sexual orientation or gender identity.” In the week after Pence’s signing, lawmakers scrambled to enact a legislative fix declaring the religious-freedom law does not allow discrimination.

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