The Database Documenting 60 Years of Conflict in Colombia

The Database Documenting 60 Years of Conflict in Colombia

September 4, 2018

For five years, about 100 people processed 10,236 datasets from 592 sources and documented 353,531 facts for the Memory and Conflict Observatory, a project that seeks to document the violent events that occurred during the Colombian war. The results can be summarized into a shocking number: 262,197 fatalities over 60 years.

The project also reviewed individual stories, one by one, to provide a more complete perspective of the country’s memory and history of conflict.

The latest research now includes who did what to whom, when, where and how, starting in 1958 through July 2018. The project was led by a 41-year-old sociologist from the National University, Andrés Fernando Suárez, who is the founder of the Memory and Conflict Observatory at the National Center of Historical Memory, with researcher Gonzalo Sánchez.

The work of summarizing the violent events that occurred in Colombia faced a major challenge early on — the team had to first list what needed to be told.

“We published the report “Enough!” in 2013 and some relatives of victims told us, ‘We are not there,'” says Suárez. “So we worked, expanded our research and generated an answer.”

The latest research has logged the 46,533 victims of the armed conflict and the damage to civilian property; the 178,056 victims of selective assassinations or executions; the 80,514 enforced disappearances; the 37,094 of victims of kidnapping; the 15,687 victims of sexual violence; the 24,518 victims of massacres; the 1,532 victims of attacks on populations; the 748 fatal victims of terrorist attacks and the 3,686 injured; the 17,812 victims of recruitment of children and adolescents; and the 9,597 victims of antipersonnel mines.

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