Watchdog calls for investigation into Wilbur Ross' financial dealings

Watchdog calls for investigation into Wilbur Ross' financial dealings

the Center for Public Integrity' |
August 14, 2018

Campaign Legal Center says commerce secretary violated federal law

A nonpartisan watchdog has accusedU.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross of violating conflict-of-interest laws as well as statutes governing false statements and omissions — and is asking the department’s inspector general to investigate.

The 115-page complaint by the Campaign Legal Center cites reporting by the Center for Public Integrity and several other news organizations in calling for an extensive inquiry into Ross’ handling of his complex personal holdings while in office.

“We conducted a detailed review of public records and found reason to suspect Ross violated the criminal conflict-of-interest law,” Campaign Legal Center Ethics Counsel Delaney Marsco said. “It’s imperative that the inspector general get to the bottom of this. There’s a lot of smoke, and we need to know if there’s fire.”

Credit by- the Center for Public Integrity

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