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Atal Bihari Vajpayee and national security: Daring leap, step by step

Atal Bihari Vajpayee dead: With altered security paradigm, he engaged with China, made peace moves towards Pakistan | Read more| August 17, 2018 
Former Indian PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee dies

The 93-year-old, who led India three times, had been hospitalised since June with a kidney infection and chest problems. | Read more| August 17, 2018 
Millions are victims of hate crimes, though many never report them

An investigation of a growing climate of hate in the United States through national crime victimization data analysis and on-the-ground reporting in 36 states | Read more| August 17, 2018 
Faking Climate Change Data & Visualizing for the Color Blind, in Sci-Fi Movies & in W.E.B. Du Bois’ Black America

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from Aug 6 to 12 finds @sciam profiling a new color scale for the color blind, @EDudinskij‘s fun dissertation on dataviz in science fiction movies, @morgenpost using satellite imagery to show the consequences of droughts,  | Read more| August 17, 2018 
INN Joins 350 US Papers in Call for End to Trump Harassment of Press

Today, the Institute for Nonprofit News joins journalists across the country in asking you, the public, to stand up for your rights to free speech and an open government. | Read more| August 17, 2018 
A Free Press Works for All of Us

The cause of investigative reporting, a crucial element of our democracy, benefits enormously from our country’s tradition of a free, unfettered press. | Read more| August 17, 2018 
Veterans Group Sues to Block VA Shadow Rulers

A new lawsuit challenges the legality of a secret Mar-a-Lago troika after ProPublica revealed its influence over the Department of Veterans Affairs. | Read more| August 17, 2018 
What’s Your Experience With the Americans With Disabilities Act? We Want to Know.

We want to know how the law affects you, whether you’re a person with a disability, caretaker, business owner, architect or contractor. | Read more| August 16, 2018 
When Sarah Sanders and the ACLU Teamed Up for Voting Rights

Although the Trump administration wants to restrict access to the ballot box, its chief spokesperson once sued to overturn a ban on student voting. | Read more| August 16, 2018 
Center for Public Integrity Board of Directors condemns President Trump’s attacks on the press

Led by The Boston Globe, more than 200 newspapers are publishing editorials condemning President Donald Trump for his hostile rhetoric directed at the news media. The Center for Public Integrity, in an unprecedented move, has decided to issue a statement speaking out against the president's attacks: | Read more| August 16, 2018 
Meet the Man Who Filed 1,400 FOI Requests to Prove Data Acquisition Isn’t Terrorism

For the last three years Gavin Chait has been fighting — and winning — multiple freedom of information (FOI) cases to unlock data on vacant properties in England and Wales. Here’s how he used a range of evidence to fight a widely misused exemption. | Read more| August 16, 2018 

Operation 136: Part 1


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