Editor’s Pick: Best Investigative Journalism in Sub-Saharan Africa 2018

January 9, 2019
Raymond Mpubani

Press freedom varies widely across sub-Saharan Africa. While muckrakers in Ghana were able to unearth corruption in the upper ranks of the judiciary and in South Africa, investigative reporters played a big role in the downfall of a corrupt presidency, in Eritrea and Djibouti press freedom is non-existent. | Read more|

9 Types of Visual Storytelling on Mobile

January 2, 2019
Emma-Leena Ovaskainen

In September 2017, the lead producer for the BBC Internet Research & Future Services, Tristan Ferne, identified 12 different story formats used in digital news | Read more|

You Snooze, You Lose: Insurers Make The Old Adage Literally True

November 22, 2018
Marshall Allen

Millions of sleep apnea patients rely on CPAP breathing machines to get a good night’s rest. Health insurers use a variety of tactics, including surveillance, to make patients bear the costs. Experts say it’s part of the insurance industry playbook. | Read more|