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Defense contractor ends its lease of Phoenix building where it held immigrant children

Less than a week after Reveal broke the story that contractor MVM Inc. was detaining immigrant children in an unmarked office building in Phoenix, the company has terminated its lease on the property. | Read more| August 10, 2018 
Federal agency sent immigrant kids to dangerous youth facility, despite warning signs

By the time the federal government started sending immigrant children to Shiloh Treatment Center in 2009, the warning flags were waving blood red. | Read more| August 10, 2018 
Democrats Vow Investigation of VA’s Shadow Rulers After ProPublica Story

“This situation reeks of corruption and cronyism,” said the top Democrat on the House veterans committee. | Read more| August 10, 2018 
The Real BlacKkKlansman - And Other KKK Infiltrators

Spike Lee’s Hero is Not the First Black Person to Breach the Klan — Or the Most Effective. | Read more| August 10, 2018 
How I Befriended a Prisoner on Suicide Watch

I looked into her eyes and told her, “Promise me you won’t hurt yourself again.” | Read more| August 10, 2018 

The way cops in Jacksonville and other jurisdictions investigate the murders of transgender women adds insult to injury and may be delaying justice. | Read more| August 10, 2018 
Care homes used untrained rehab workers while collecting millions from Medicaid

Seven adult care homes in North Carolina collected more than $8.4 million in Medicaid funding while employing untrained caregivers, some with serious criminal histories, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting has found. | Read more| August 10, 2018 
BJP govt is misleading the public: Congress

The Congress dubbed the GDP numbers as “surprising” and “highly suspect” that could dent India’s global credibility and accused the prime minister and the finance minister of “misleading” the public. | Read more| May 15, 2018 
Focus on holy city of Varanasi as UP poll battle in last phase

With battle of ballots for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly entering the last phase, the focus of all political parties has shifted to the holy city of Varanasi, the Lok Sabha constitunecy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. | Read more| May 15, 2018 
Operation Duryodhana: Cover Story

A COBRAPOST-AAJ TAK Investigation reveals the tale of eleven MPs accepting money for asking questions in the Indian Parliament. A detailed version of the story telecast on AAJ TAK news channel. | Read more| April 20, 2018 

ICICI BANK, INTRODUCTION | Read more| February 22, 2018 

Operation 136: Part 1


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