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Press Release: Operation 136: Part II

Cobrapost exposes more than two dozen media houses, including some prima donnas of India’s holy Fourth Estate, where they all show their underbelly in its most visceral form | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Case Study: Media on Sale

Is the Indian media really for sale and ready to peddle ideology for a few crores? | Read more| May 24, 2018 
ABN Andhra Jyothy: Sworn to secrecy about underhand paid news deal

"Last year, we supported your coalition in AP," says Chief Marketing Manager | Read more| May 24, 2018 
ABP News: There is a solution for every problem

Rates during election time are higher than normal rate, says official | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Bartaman Patrika: Straight and firm refusal to peddle paid news for cash

Ashish Mukherjee, Senior General Manager, says a crisp 'No' to our journalist | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Bharat Samachar TV News Channel: The way our country is being run is what is needed

The channel sends a proposal of three crores for a purported Hindutva campaign | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Big FM: "Anyway, Reliance is always a supporter of the BJP"

Why not centralise the whole campaign, officials advice | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Dainik Jagran: Fifty per cent in cash, but route it through some agency, says Manager

The Group proposed 2 crore and 8–9 lakh with taxes for a three-month saffron campaign | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Dainik Sambad: We have a clear policy of not publishing any religious advertisements

Their refusal to peddle paid news is a whiff of fresh air | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Dinamalar: We have a lot of same wavelength with the BJP family is around, says Director

Lakshmipathy Adimoolam says, "We believe in Hindu spirituality." | Read more| May 24, 2018 
India Voice: We will polarize, provide full support, they promise

Take this channel as your own and give it a right place, says CEO | Read more| May 24, 2018 

Operation 136: Part 1


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