7 tips for covering the 2020 US census

7 tips for covering the 2020 US census

Denise-Marie Ordway |
July 9, 2019

7 tips for covering the 2020 US census

As the U.S. prepares for the 2020 census, news outlets nationwide will be working to help the public understand the importance and impact of the once-every-10-years population count.

To help journalists bolster their coverage, we reached out to two experts — a research professor at George Washington University and a former director of the U.S. Census Bureau — to ask them to point out weaknesses in and ways newsrooms can improve their census coverage. They offered great feedback.

Below, we highlight seven key takeaways from our interviews with Andrew Reamer, who’s studying the census’ role in the distribution of federal funds at the George Washington Institute of Public Policy, and John H. Thompson, a statistician who held various positions at the Census Bureau over nearly three decades before retiring in 2017 as its top administrator.

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