Evelyn Sharma, German Model-turned-Bollywood Actor

Evelyn Sharma, German Model-turned-Bollywood Actor

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“I love this idea, I really like. It’s very subtle.”

Before turning to acting in Bollywood films, Evelyn Sharma was a German model and acted in Hollywood film Turn Left in 2006. Born to a Punjabi father and German mother, Evelyn’s big break in the Tinsel Town came with Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, opposite Ranbir Kapoor in 2013. In the past six years or so of her career in Bollywood, Evelyn has earned herself a good number of fan following on social media, with 1.20 lakh following her on twitter, more than 41 lakh on Facebook and more than 20 lakh on Instagram. We met Evelyn at the Taj Santacruz. Present in this meeting were her manager Sneha and Sameer Matai.

After briefing the actor about the agenda, we explain how she can help promote the BJP by praising the good works done by its government at the centre. Whenever you are on an outdoor shoot, you can recall those old times when there was no electricity there. Now, you find the place has electric power. It has brought a sea change in the lives of the residents there. Jumping at the idea, Evelyn says, “I love this idea, I really like. It’s very subtle and at the same time it’s promoting country suppose to are we following, so yeah I really like this.” We will provide you the content, we say, which you will post in your language on all your social media accounts. We get a crisp “Yeah” from the actor. After having her on board, we tell Evelyn that she will receive an official mail from our company informing her of this meeting. She will have to confirm the meeting and say she agrees to what was discussed between us. After you revert to us, your contract will get ready and within 15 days we both will sign it, we say. “Okay,” says Evelyn. Sameer interjects to say, “Wo maine samajha diya hai (I have already explained it to her).” Complementing him, the actor says, “Yeah, you guys figure out that for me.”

Tell us if you have any confusion about the topics to be covered, we ask Evelyn. “No, it’s normal. Basically, if I would be here and I would see like this … it’s very natural, right. It’s supposed to be very like I started an hashtag.”  Taking charge, Sameer now begins to explain it to her further. “So what they are saying how Beti Padhao-Beti Bachao … How will you integrate something which they will tell you? … This’s integrated so you are supposed to do four posts … All right, on all places, each post in all three mediums, about four posts. If you do three [in a month] then one [remaining] can carry forward till the next month.” Agreeing, Evelyn says, “Yeah.”  “So we are doing a tie-up for eight month[s],” Sameer tells her, finally. “Ok,” says Evelyn.

Her manager Sneha also has some ideas. Giving the example the actor’s Nagpur visit, where work on solar energy is under works, Sneha says, “Toh ye hum suggest kar sakte hain if you want us to talk about it hum … (So, we can suggest you if you want us to talk about it, we …).” We welcome her suggestion. “So, you will suggest the captions, right? I don’t have to do really anything?” asks her boss. We tell her we will provide her the content which she will require to rewrite in her own words. Understanding, Evelyn says, “In my words … yeah okay, it’s not a problem.” There are occasions when opposition parties corner the government, we say. So, what you do is express your thoughts on social issues without naming any party or individual. Saying aye, Evelyn informs us, “Even I could ask my fans may be what you guys think about it how can we get solution to this problem … because you know sometimes fans also want to get into the conversation. And by asking them, instead of giving them my direct opinion, I can ask them give their positive answers and you will get more positive answer.” We are in complete agreement with the actor.

Tell us if you have any confusion, we ask, to ensure all nuts and bolts have been put firmly in place in her mind. Evelyn comes up with a crisp answer, “Quite clear.” You also have to maintain secrecy, we tell her. “Haan ji (Yes),” she says, giggling. Hope you understand nothing will be mentioned in our contract, we say. “Wo aap tension mat lein (You don’t take any tension),” assures her manager Sneha. Evelyn doubly assures us, while saying, “I am sure this will be very beneficial for both sides.”

With this hope we end our interview with the model-actor.

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