GIJN’s Fundraising Primer for Nonprofit Media Groups

One of the leading requests GIJN receives is for help with fundraising. | Read more| September 11, 2018 
School Shootings, Trains vs Planes, Ukraine-Russia Trade, UK Airport Crimes

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? | Read more| September 7, 2018 
The Dirty Words Journalists Have to Say Without Blushing

The following text is a translation from the Spanish version of a lecture James Breiner gave at the University of La Sabana in Bogotá, Colombia, on August 22. | Read more| September 6, 2018 
How to Share Sensitive Documents, Mine Twitter and Monitor Website Updates

When it comes to document management one of my favorite tools is DocumentCloud.  | Read more| September 5, 2018 
The Database Documenting 60 Years of Conflict in Colombia

For five years, about 100 people processed 10,236 datasets from 592 sources and documented 353,531 facts for the Memory and Conflict Observatory, a project that seeks to document the violent events that occurred during the Colombian war. The results can be summarized into a shocking number: 262,197 fatalities over 60 y | Read more| September 4, 2018 
How La Nación’s Data Team Produces Award-Winning Stories

Data journalism has experienced a boom in Latin America, and several countries have been recognized for the quality of their work, despite difficulties accessing government data.  | Read more| September 1, 2018 
Muslims to Mecca, Women (Not) in Netflix, Inside Airbnb Europe, London’s Foul Air

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? | Read more| August 31, 2018 
Why I Think Slovak Journalist Jan Kuciak’s Murder Will Never Be Investigated

The Slovak authorities are not doing enough to investigate the murder of my friend and colleague. If journalists have to do the police’s job to discover the truth, then we will. | Read more| August 29, 2018 
10 Investigative Tools You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Investigations, the saying goes, are just regular stories with a lot more labor put in. Investigative reporters spend inordinate amounts of time sifting through documents, verifying sources and analyzing data — and that’s if they can even get the data. As an investigative reporter with way too many stories I want t | Read more| August 29, 2018 
How Local News Outlets Can Build an Online Audience

We lead a research project at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School called the Single Subject News Project, funded by the Knight Foundation. | Read more| August 28, 2018 
Egyptian Bots, Pocket Inequality, Loner Jobs and Knife Emergencies

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? | Read more| August 24, 2018 

Operation 136: Part 1


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