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HNN 24×7

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March 26, 2018

A new kid on the block, HNN 24×7 is Dehradun-based TV news channel. It was founded by Amit Sharma in 2016. As Sharma warms up to the reporter’s preposition, he is explained how his news channel is supposed to work according to his agenda.

A new kid on the block, HNN 24×7 is Dehradun-based TV news channel. It was founded by Amit Sharma in 2016. As Sharma warms up to the reporter’s preposition, he is explained how his news channel is supposed to work according to his agenda. First, the channel would telecast soft Hindutva programmes released by Shrimad Bhagwat Prachar Samiti which will be followed up by direct promotion of the BJP. Simultaneously, the channel will have to live-stream on its digital platform the speeches of firebrand leaders of the Sangh, the likes of Uma Bharati, Vinay Katiyar, Mohan Bhagwat, Rajju Bhaiya, Ashok Soni, Anandi Bhai and Asit Soni, thus promoting the discourse on Hindutva. But nowhere should the name of the Sangh be mentioned in any of the programmes or any of their records.

Claiming that his channel has about 3 lakh followers on their Facebook page and about 7000 Twitter followers, Sharma reassures the reporter in these words while laying before us his plans how he would help the BJP get an upper hand in 2019: “Hum toh kahenge nahi Sangh nahi karva raha hai … hum toh keh rahe hain being a channel main paanch gaadiyan channel kee chalwaonga … main wahi toh keh raha hoon paanch gaadiyan channel kee banaonga … aapki toh neeche branding hogi … (No, we will never reveal that we are working for the Sangh … this is what I am telling you … [we are] being a channel we will buy five vehicles … will run them in the name of our channel … these vehicles will carry your [the logo of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Prachar Samiti for] branding).”

He further explains how these vehicles will be used to further the cause of Hindutva: “Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Prachar Samiti khatma hai ab channel kar raha hai uska prachar channel kee anpni judiciary hai … hum kya karenge usko asise nahi show karenge prachar khali usi ka karne aaye hain fir public dimag bahut chalate hain uska tareeka ye hai jis chhoti locality pe humne gaadiyan khadi kar dee screen road par gaadiyan khadi kar dee … doh ghante aap news dekh rahe hain … jaise Uttarakhand ke liye hum kya karna chahte hain jaise poora tourist Haridwar se aata hai meri ek gaadi Haridwar kee entry par khadi hai usko kaise aapne place kiya uska tareeqa kya hai … ab jo yatri aa raha hai Badrinath jaa raha hai usse pata nahi hai aage raasta toota hai barf padi hai nahi giri hai … Hum usko har waqt update de rahe hain ki raaste khul gaye paanch ghante mein rasta khulega ruk jayein stay kar lein chai pee lein raste mein na khade hon wo update dekhna shuru karenge toh aadmi ka focus hoga arre yaar usko dekh lo toh update milegi … safe ho gaya aur udher humne prachar beech mein uska prachar kiya humne toh ye kaha co-sponsored partner … (The Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Prachar Samiti is no longer to be named here … now this is done completely by our channel … our channel has its own judiciary [sic] … what we will do is we will not show that we are there to do propaganda for you only … then members of the public have their own minds … the best way is we will place those vehicles carrying display screens at small localities … now you are watching news for two hours … what we will do for Uttarakhand is … tourists pour in from Haridwar, for example … I shall station a vehicle at the entry point of Haridwar … what is the method of placing that … now the pilgrims who are coming in on their way to Badrinath … they don’t know that the road ahead has collapsed, there is snowfall or not, like that … We are providing them with continuous update on such situation that road is now open or the road will open, say in five hours, [advise them] to stay back … have tea … do not block the road … so they will start looking at those updates [telecast on those screens] … they will focus on those updates … this will be a safe way …  and finally we will be inserting propaganda content in between saying it has been co-sponsored [by our] partner [the Samiti]).” But it is clear that agenda will that be of our Sangh?

Assures Sharma: “Haan agenda clear hai (yes, the [Sangh] agenda is clear).”

A few days before the release of the story, Pushp Sharma dialed Amit Sharma to remind him of his agenda and to see if he also agrees to fulfill some more demands which were outrightly outrageous and malicious. But Amit not only happily concurred for such an undertaking but also threw up some ideas to make it happen. For instance, Sharma asks Amit to harass Muslim panelists his channel would invite for a discussion. Agreeing, Amit says: “Theek hai Acharyaji (All right Acharyaji).” Now, this sets the tone for further conversation. Referring to the debacle in recent byelections, the journalist tells Amit that it was due to internal sabotage. He then asks him to run down Maneka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi. Agreeing, Amit says: “Theek hai Acharyaji aapne clear kar diya (All right Acharyaji. You have made it clear to me).” Amit also knows that Maneka has chief ministerial ambitions for her son. Talking BJP’s alliance partners like Om Praksh Rajbhar, Anupriya Patel and Upendra Kushwaha, Sharma directs him to air stories to run them down. “Main aapki baat bilkul samajh gaya Acharyaji. Main us par working taiyar kar long aur mujhe kuch kaghaz kee help chahiye hogi toh main aapse unofficially wo bhi le loonga (I have fully understood what you say Acharyaji. I will prepare a working [plan] for that and if I need any documentary help I will also seek it from you unofficially),” we hear Amit commit himself. Here too, the journalist asks him to paint farmers agitation as propped up by Maoists so that their anger is not seen against the government policies. Amit has no problem with it that either as we hear him say: “Theek hai samajh gaya (All right. I have understood).”

In case there is an unfavourable verdict against our leader in Sohrabuddin encounter case and Judge Loya murder case, the journalist now tells him, he should question the judiciary after, of course, seeking expert legal advice. Amit knows his limitations well, yet he comes up with an idea: “Usse controversial kar diya jaye. That can be possible (That can be made controversial. That can be possible).” Accusing Cobrapost and The Wire of bias for their left leanings, the journalist asks Amit to do some muck raking on them. Amit is a man of ideas as he says: “Theek hai Acharyaji mere paas hain do-teen ideas hain jab mauka lagega main aapke paas aa jaoonga ek-do ghante lagenge fir aapko brief kar doonga uske according working kar lenge (Okay, Acharyaji. I have two­–three ideas. I will come to you if I have the opportunity. It will take hardly an hour or two while I will brief you. Then, we will be working accordingly).” We can receive a directive from our supreme leader to go against a certain minister in future. So, you will have to run the minister down when asked. Amit needs his guidance only to accomplish this task: “Theek hai Acharyaji mujhe toh aap guide karte rahenge main chalata rahoonga (Okay Acharyaji. As you keep on guiding me, I will run such stories accordingly).” Finally, naming reputed senior lawyers like Prashant Bhushan, Dushyant Dave, Kamini Jaiswal and Indira Jai Singh, the journalist asks him to dig out something nasty about them to paint them as traitors. We hear Amit say again: “Main samajh gaya Sir (I got it Sir).” To see reactions of concerned person click here

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