Minissha Lamba, Model and Actor

Minissha Lamba, Model and Actor

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Lekin aapne mujhe bola tha ki saara cash hoga (But you had told me payment will be made entirely in cash).”

With a career spanning more than a decade as a model and Bollywood actor, Minissha Lamba has worked in award winning flicks like Corporate and Well Done Abba. The Delhi-born girl enjoys a huge following on social media. She has about 8.60 lakh followers on Twitter, more than 6 lakh followers on Facebook and more than 3 lakh followers on Instagram. Cobrapost met Minissha in a five star hotel at Santa Cruz in Mumbai. As we briefed her on our one-line agenda – write in support of the BJP government – we find her more than interested. Suppose there is a case like the Kathua rape and Minissha Lamba, being a woman and a celebrity, tweets asking not to make it a political issue while telling people to raise their boys as good cultured citizens, it is bound to make ripples in the minds of people. They will take it something as meaningful. But what you will be doing should be in a discreet manner without naming any leader and the party. Minissha understands it well to proffer, “Ki matalb mudde par baat karna hai mudde ko depoliticize karna hai lekin bina kisike naam liye ye nahi ki aap PM ka naam lijiye aur boliye ki nahi unka kya lena dena …. Ye bilkul nahi … party ka bhi naam nahi … ki mudde par awareness barhani hai (You mean I have to talk about a given issue and depoliticize it without naming anybody … one does not need to name the PM and say what he has to do with the issue … you don’t have to name the party either … you just have to make people aware of a given issue).”

Yes, you are bang on, we tell her. Similarly, Hindi is becoming popular the world over but how it happened and who made it happen you have to write about it without naming the leader. You have to phrase the content in your own words. “Apne words mein personalize karna hai jaise ye personal feelings hai ([You mean]I have to personalize the issue in my own words like it is personal feelings),” Minissha gets the gist.

The one-line message to you is you have to promote the content that we would provide you, she is told. Minissha is eager to know what that content would be, as she asks, “Toh mujhe ek example dijiye … aap jaise aglaa jo aap keh rahe ho agle do aapke content hoyenge aap mujhe wo content ka example dijiye jaise abhi aap kya chah rahe ho toh fir hum discuss kar sakte hain mujhko samajh mein aana hai ki how to do (Then, give me some example … give me example of the next two contents, what you want me to do, so we can discuss. I must understand how to do it).” You see, you have to promote on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all schemes the BJP government has launched in the past four years, such as Beti Bachao Beti Parhao, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Jan-Dhan Yojna, Namami Gange and Ujjwala Yojna, among others. “Theek, perfect,” says Minissha. We will be using your social media accounts to promote our party, we say. “Correct, ismein koi political baat nahi hogi (there will be no political talk),” she says in agreement.

She is so eager to work on the digital promotion that ideas begin to take shape in her mind. “Abhi ek naya aaya hai na IndiaFit usmein bhi bahut kuchh kar sakte hain (Recently a new campaign India Fit has been launched. We can do a lot with it as well),” opines Minissha, referring to #Hum FitToIndia Fit campaign launched by Union Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. Taking a leaf out of Goebbelsian propaganda, we tell her: The point is we have to hammer it in the minds of the public by aggressively promoting the BJP as a good political outfit which needs a second chance at the helms of the country. Agreeing, Minissha says, “Logon ko yaad dilana padta hai (Yes, you have to remind the people).”

Eager to know what topics she is supposed to cover in her tweets and posts, Minissha asks, “Aur kitne tweets chahiye aapko (And how many tweets you want me to make)?” Four-five posts every month, she is told. You will have to post the same content on all social media accounts for the next eight months or so.

Minissha left the money talk to her manager. But she was ready to accept payments in cash. When she is told she would be paid a major part in cash, turning to her manager she wonders, “Lekin aapne mujhe bola tha ki saara cash hoga (But you had told me payment will be made entirely in cash).” Our team mollifies her by telling her that only 20 percent of the payment will be made by cheque, the rest in cash. You will receive an official mail from our agency confirming our meeting with you and you will have to revert to us with your consent so that we proceed to ready a contract for the assignment, she is told. “No I thought it was a mainly a cash deal toh fir jo contract banega what is going to be scope of … (No I thought it was a mainly a cash deal. Then what is going to be the scope of …)?” she asks. Our meeting with Minissha ends with a secrecy pact. When we tell her she should never discuss it with anybody, Minissha assures us with these words, “No, of course, not.”

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