Rajpal Yadav, Film Actor

Rajpal Yadav, Film Actor

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Badnaam karo toh kuein mein matlab dubki mat lagwao (Don’t give me a bad name or push me into the well).”

The NSD graduate began his career with Mungeri Ke Bhai Naurangilal, a TV serial telecast by Doordarshan, which established him as a comedian. As an actor he has worked in more than 150 films. The Bollywood comedian has 1.33 lakh followers on Twitter, about 7 lakh on Facebook and about 1 lakh on Instagram. Cobrapost team met the actor at Goregaon Radisson Hotel. Yadav was accompanied by Goldie in this meeting.

As you know, we want you to help promote the BJP on social media in the run-up to 2019 elections. This you can do by saying good things about all those schemes the BJP government has launched. But in no case should you mention the name of the party or any politician. The actor does not take any time to understand what is expected of him. “Theek hai … yojnayein aur humare vichar aur vichar mein aapki party ka fayda ho nuksaan na ho (Alright … schemes and my thoughts, and in these thoughts your party should benefit, there should be no harm to its interests),” he says.  Apart from appreciating the BJP government, you have to defend it at times on social issues. Agreeing, Rajpal tells us, “Nahi nahi dekhiye humare naam panch chhe pata nahi kitne site chalaa rahe hain wo verified nahin hain … toh wo ghalat hai Rajpal kee wo bhasha hee nahi hai humaare man kaa kaam hai ye (No, no. There are five-six, I don’t know how many, accounts are running in our name. But they all are not verified. That is wrong. I Rajpal never use that language. This job is to my liking).” You see, we are using your social media accounts for our party’s benefit, we make the real purpose clear to him. “Theek hai (It is fine).” In the same breath he asks, “Lekin ye baat oopar tak pahunch jayegi (But will this arrangement come in the notice of the higher ups [in the BJP]).”  Why not, we assure him.

When we tell him it has to be kept a secret, he says, “Message nahi uski aap hard copy karayenge unki jo dus yojnayein hain unmein one, one liner likh ke de denge uski aapne ek hard copy kara lee bhai ko de diye … bhai ne hum tak bhej diya humne usko yaad kar liya humne WhatsApp kee wahin delete kar dee ab humne apne vichar Twitter ke roop mein usse daal diya jismein saboot nahi chahiye usse bhi hum mitaate gaye (Apart from the message, you will give me one liners on all those 10 schemes and hand a hardcopy over to this man for me … this man will send it across to me. I will rote that, and delete the WhatsApp message then and there. I will post my thoughts on Twitter and will then destroy all proofs which we don’t need).” He is eager to know if his association with this promotion would come into the notice of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. 

Coming to his fee, we tell him there will be five contents every month which he will have to repackage and post on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Offering him a rate of Rs. 2 lakh per message, we say we will pay him Rs. 30 lakh for 15 messages a month. Not happy with our offer, Rajpal says, “Nahi, Rajpal Yadav hazaaron karodon ka naam hai do lakh mein mat khareedo abe hutt … ek line ka agar ek matlab paanch shabd likhe jaayein per shabd ek lakh keemat nahi ho toh uske paanch laakh sammanit toh hon (No, Rajpal Yadav is worth thousands of crores. Don’t try to buy him for Rs. 2 lakh … come on … if I write five words in a line you are not giving me Rs. 1 lakh for each word … at least you can pay me an honourable fee of Rs. 5 lakh [per massage]).” Telling us he has a fan following in millions across the world, he further says, “Badnaam karo toh kuein mein matlab dubki mat lagwao (Don’t give me a bad name or push me into the well).” Goldie chips in, “Ye kabhi aise discussion mein khade bhi nahi hote (He [Rjapal] never takes part in such discussions).” Making his case for a better bargain, Rajpal says again, “Andar se lag raha hai lekin mera respect karo (I am feeling from inside but you should respect me).” Now, Goldie says, “Seventy-five per month kar do (Keep it at Rs. 75 lakh per month).”

We promptly agree to pay him a fee of Rs. 75 lakh for promoting the BJP on social media. But we so do with a rider. You will have to defend the BJP government on certain occasions, we tell him. “Itne acche se defend karoonga ki aapki tabiyat khush ho jayegi (I will defend [the BJP] in such a way that it will make you glad),” Rajpal assures us. When we come to discussing the mode of payment, Yadav seeks an advance payment. “Main kehta hoon kum se kum itna respect kar lo … payment do ek mahine ka jaise hota hai na wo kiryaa (Let me say, at least give me respect to the extent that you pay me a month’s fee in advance as you pay rent).” You will the payment in advance every month, we assure him. Then, leaving the discussion to Goldie, he pleads, “Lekin wo kaise dena hai wo rastaa aap log aap paanch Pandav hain hum nahi hain wo toh understood hai … pehle aap kar lo 15 ka poora kar lete hain aur usmein mujhe bhi accha lagega aur aapko bhi accha lagega (But how you will pay me, you people decide among yourself. For me you are like five Pandavas … This is understood … so first pay me for the first 15 messages. It will make me feel good, as well as you).”

Turning to Goldie, we say since it is political money, only 10 percent of the fee, that is, Rs. 7.50 lakh, will be paid in white transferred to his account. “Okay,” says Goldie in agreement. “Haan inke account mein chala jayega (It will go straight into his account).” Yes, we say, in white. The rest Rs. 67.50 lakh will be paid in cash in advance, every month. “Okay,” says Goldie, satisfied. Hope there is no issue with adjusting this much of cash, we ask. “Haan, haan koi issue nahi hai (Yes, yes. There is no issue),” assures Goldie. With this we wrap up the interview.

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