Rakhi Sawant, Actor, Dancer, TV Show Host and Judge

Rakhi Sawant, Actor, Dancer, TV Show Host and Judge

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Last time bhi aise hua tha mujhe hire kiya tha Rajnath ji ne pata hai (Last time around the same had happened. I was hired by Rajnath ji, you know).”

She does not need any introduction. Born Neeru Bheda, Rakhi Sawant has acted in many Hindi and regional films, has done scores of item numbers and participated in many TV shows as a host and a judge. But more than her work, Sawant is known for controversies. She chose a life partner, a Canadian NRI, in a TV reality show on lines of mythical swayamvar. Only recently, she went to town accusing fellow actor Tanushri Dutta of raping her multiple times. Perhaps, it is this uncanny ability of hers to create controversy that she remains in news. Well, she is quite popular on social media, with about 2.94 lakh followers on Facebook and about 5.98 lakh on Instagram.

Our interview with Sawant, who we met at an Oshiwara restaurant, turned out to be quite revealing. As we go on to explain it to her how she would have to both appreciate the good work done by the BJP government and defend it on certain issues that the opposition raises from time to time, Sawant is smart enough to understand what is expected of her. “Haan, lekin wo mudda aapko dena chahiye (Yes, but you will have to inform me about the issue),” she asks, while apparently agreeing to do our bidding. Of course, we will provide you the content, we assure her.

She also knows how she would have to play out the content, as she says, “Content ke saath apna mix karke wo aisa lage nahi ki aapne mujhe diya hua hai ye mera style hai bebaak (I will mix my own words in the content you will provide me. This is my style … straightforward).” Yes, this is what we want. People should know that Rakhi Sawant is doing it on her own. Buoyed at her praise, Sawant makes a revelation, “Last time bhi aise hua tha mujhe hire kiya tha Rajnath ji ne pata hai (Last time around the same had happened. I was hired by Rajnath ji, you know).” Now, no guessing who this Rajnath is she is spilling the beans about. We don’t know that, we tell her. Sawant adds further, “Main gai thi na toh na toh har channelon ne mujhe accha amount diya tha maine bataya tha toh main gai thi last time jab PM bane nahi thei usase pehle main saare channelon mein gai thi kisi ke through gai thi (I went to talk on every channel. They all paid me a tidy amount. I had told you … I went last time when [Narendra Modi] was not a PM yet. I had gone to all channels before that, through someone).”

In the same breath, she tells us she was hired by a company for the job. She also knows the illegality of such contracts, as she says, “Haan wo bolna allowed nahi hota main aap logon ko bataa rahi hoon waise kyonki ye sab illegal hai toh hum matlab bol hee nahi sakte artist bol hee nahi sakte (Yes. Although it is not allowed to tell about it, I am still telling you because this all is illegal as artists cannot talk like this).” We cannot agree more. One has to maintain secrecy about such undertakings. Agreeing, she says, “Secrecy rakhni hai … ye toh isliye maine aapko bola ([Yes] There has to be secrecy about it … I told you to keep you informed).”

You see, this has to go for coming nine months till 2019 elections, we explain, and what you have to do is praise the good work done by the BJP government in your own style. Now, Sawant makes a revealing comment, as she says. “Jo mudde hain unhone kya kaam kiya hai basically jantaa ke dimaag mein na wo daalna hai hammer karna hai unhone kaam kya kiya hai … kaam kya kiya hai … arre mujhe pata hai main kar chuki hoon pehle mujhe batayaa gayaa tha. Pehle mujhe poochha gayaa tha Bollywood kee ladki se Modi kyon PM bane aur Rahul Gandhi kyon nahi … maine bola Rahul Gandhi abhi time hai abhi Modi ko chance dena chahiye. Poori duniya agar nahi diya toh pachhtayenge (I will have to talk about those issues what [good] work they have done. I have to hammer into the minds of the larger public the work they have done … the work they have done … I know it. I have already done that. I was briefed beforehand. I the Bollywood girl was asked why Modi should become PM and why not Rahul Gandhi … I said Rahul Gandhi has time. Modi should be given a chance at this time. If he does not get that the whole world will have to repent).”

If Sawant is to be believed this is how TV news channels conducted prime time debates on a predesigned agenda in order to create a perception in favour of Narendra Modi, then BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, in 2014 general elections.

As our negotiation with her moves on, She says, “Content aapko dena hai content jo banda bolega ki aap ye bol do (You will have to provide me the content on what the fellow wants me to talk).” Yes, we will provide you the content which you will have to post in your own style. Agreeing, she tell us, “Kyonki mere Insta se sab log uthaate hain Times of India se leke sab log (All sorts of people pick up [what I say on] Insta, including the Times of India).”

We tell her we would provide her five contents every month which she will have to rewrite in her own words to post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She agrees but informs us that she is not active on Twitter any more. However, she says she would see to it how she can activate her old account or open a new one on Twitter. Now, we suggest she can create controversy as well, but not in a crude way she is known for. Rakhi is prompt to say, “Lekin aap mujhe denge fir ussi hisaab se bawaal hoga na aap mujhe negative denge bolne ko main negative boloongi. Darati mein kisi ke baap se bhi nahi. Jab Modi PM hain toh darna kyon hai, positive bolenge denge toh main positive boloongi (But I will raise a controversy according to the content. If you give me negative, I will talk negative. I am not afraid of anybody when Modi is PM there. If you give me positive, I will talk positive).”

Apart from these regular social media messages, we say, she can also use press conferences held on the sidelines of a film shoot or TV series to promote the BJP. Agreeing, she says she is already doing it, “Haan, main aapko bataati hoon agar mujhe media ne sawal poochha toh toh main definitely boloongi jaise abhi main Banaras gai thi toh wahan mere Sapna Chaudhry aur Arshi Khan ka performance tha lekin main wahan jaakar bolkar aai hoon ki iss baar bhi Banaras se Varanasi se Modi ji hee jeetenge kyonki Ganga saaf karaane wale Modi hee hain aur agar tumne apni maa ka doodh piya hai toh fir se unko jita ke laaoge Banaras ko jitana hoga agar saaf rakhna hai. Mere shabd thode kataksh hote hain (Yes, let me tell you if the media asks a question, I will definitely say good things. I had recently gone to Banaras, for instance. There I, Sapna Chaudhry and Arshi Khan had to give a performance, but I told people there to make Modi a winner again from Banaras as it is only Modiji who has made the Ganga clean. I challenged them if they have drunk their mother’s milk they should make him a winner from Banaras. I use words which are sarcastic).” Yes, this is what your quality is, we say in appreciation. This kind of hammering is effective, she tells us, while saying, “Toh thoda thoda unko dil pe lagegaa yaar bola hai jitaanaa toh padega sau sunenge pachaas toh maanenge wo pachaas bahut effective hote hain (So, it will somewhat strike a chord with their hearts. They will think they should vote him to victory. If 100 listen to what I say, at least 50 will follow what I say … those 50 will be very effective).”

Why not write something positive about demonetization, we suggest. But here Rakhi criticizes the decision while telling us the government should have rather gone after the black money hoarders at home, rather than gunning for black money stashed away abroad.     

Coming to her fee, we agree to pay Sawant Rs. 75 lakh a month and tell her that there will be a formal contract. We also tell her that she would be paid only 10 percent of her fee in white, the rest Rs. 67.50 lakh would be paid in cash. She has no problem, as she says “Theek hai (It is fine).” In the meanwhile, Sawant sent us a video showing her eagerness to work on our agenda. In this video extolling the virtues of CM Yogi Adityanath, she says like a propagandist, “Jab se CM bane hain Yogi ji tab se UP ka bhavishya change ho chuka hai jab se CM bane hain Yogi ji tab se ek bhi balatakar nahi hua hai rape nahi hua hai (The future of UP is changing for better after Yogi ji became CM. There has been no rape since Yogi ji became CM).”

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