Sambhavana Seth, TV Presenter, Dancer and Actor

Sambhavana Seth, TV Presenter, Dancer and Actor

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Main expect karoongi ki kum se kum mere paas pachaas tak to aaye (I would expect at least Rs. 50 lakh.”

An item number in movie 36 China Town catapulted Sambhavana Seth to fame. She is now one of the most celebrated actors in Bhojpuri films having acted in about 20 Bhojpuri films. As a dancer, Seth has won many dancing shows. She is one of the judges on reality dancing show BIG Memsaab. She has about 93,000 followers on Twitter, 1.23 lakh on Facebook and 1.95 lakh on Instagram. Her YouTube channel has more than 1.5 lakh subscribers. We met the dancer-actor at a Versova coffee shop.

It turns out that Sambhavana is a supporter of the BJP, so is her family, which makes our job easier. “Toh basically ye BJP ka aap wo kar rahe ho jo bhi kar rahe ho toh humare paas best part ye hai ki main BJP ko hee support karti hoon. Obviously, mere liye aur accha hai humari poori entire family BJP ke usmein hee hai (So, basically whatever you are doing for the BJP, here with me the best part is I support the BJP only. Thus obviously it is good for me. My entire family supports the BJP),” she informs us. But then it is not about doing it openly, we tell her. “Basically aap like kitne uss pe jaa rahe hain jo content number hai (Basically what is the number of content like you want me to play out),” she inquires. We will give you four-five contents every month for repackaging on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Telling us she runs a successful YouTube channel as well, which has about 1.50 lakh subscribers according to her, she says she would put that channel at our service. “Lekin matlab kya hai meri unit poore follow karte hain kaafi accha … basically main YouTube pe apna kaam daalti hoon aur blogs daalti hoon but ye ek alag message jayega kyonki bahut accha overall bhi hai kyonki uski reach bahut hai (My whole unit follows the traction … basically I post my work and blogs on YouTube, but this will go as a different message, because it is very good overall as it has a vast reach),” suggests Sambhavana.

We cannot agree more. You can always make a video on an issue and post it on your channel, but it should look it is coming from you. “Samajh gai main bilkul samajh gai (I got it, I got it completely).” Finding her on board, we asks her what she expects. Telling us she has done such assignments in the past as well, she says, “Dekho main aapko saara aapko kuch idhar-udhar karke kuch main bataa nahi sakti hoon maine jo ye pehle ye sab liya hua hai maine 75 mein kiya tha … toh mere ko kabhi aur un logon ka matlab ye tha ki hum ek part payment aapko kar dete hain aur baaki aapka wo hum cash kar denge … mujhe pataa nahi hai aap logon ka we need to talk about budget also I think … ji se pata nahi baat hui ya nahi hui (You see, I will not quote anything beyond logic. I have done this for Rs. 75 lakh. They would make a part payment and the rest would be paid in cash … I don’t know how you will do it. We need to talk about budget also, I think. I don’t know if you have discussed it with … ji or not).”

We have certainly but not about direct payment. We had told him that we would prefer to pay in cash because it is political funding. “Haan samajh gai main (Yes, I got it),” says Sambhavana. Now we tell her we will pay 20 percent of her fee in white only, and the contract will show only this much of fee. This contract will show her to have been hired for some product endorsement. The promotion will go on for nine months and we will provide you five contents every month for you to post on all three platforms. Asks Sambhavana, “Aap jo contract karenge wo wo nine months ka rahega (The contract you will have with me will be for nine months)?” Yes, and it can go further. But it all depends how creatively you handle the content which we will provide you. Assuring us, Sambhavana says, “Dekho ye toh hoga hee hoga lekin once main start karoongi toh aapko maloom padega ki kitni jageh iska wo aa raha hai mere through kyonki mere alag-alag tareeqe hain apne (You see, this will sure be done. But once I start, you will see how much impact it is creating through me, as I have different ways of doing it).”

Assured thus, we again ask her what her expectation is. While praising herself, Sambhavana pitches in, “At least kum se kum main agar aapka itna lamba agar chalne wala hai toh main expect karoongi ki kum se kum mere paas pachaas tak to aaye anywhere between 50–55 toh main boloongi ki mujhe chahiye (If it is going to run so long, then I would expect at least Rs. 50 lakh. So I would quote anything between Rs. 50–55 lakh as what I want...).” But we have set aside a budget of Rs. 45 lakh a month, we tell her. Seeking a better bargain, the actor-dancer says, “Mera na actually jab aap dekhoge na ki main kya kar rahi hoon toh aap baaki artist ke baad ye kahoge ki inhi ko kyon nahi de diya main itni in cheejon mein sharp hoon (Actually, when you will see what I am doing compared to other artistes, you will say why I was not given the entire project to handle. I am so sharp in these things).” After discussing the nitty-gritty of how she will receive her fee, we close the interview.

Like some of the celebrities, Sambhavana was also over-enthused to take up the assignment. But when nothing materialized, she began to have anxiety pangs. Her message reproduced here shows just that.

We had e-mailed a questionnaire to all these celebs to know what they would like to say on what we have revealed in our story. Click here to read the answers.

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