Shakti Kapoor, Actor

Shakti Kapoor, Actor

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Number one mein daalo mat (Don’t pay in number one).”

Born Sunil Sikanderlal Kapoor, the Bollywood Bad Guy is known as much for playing villain as assaying comic roles with finesse in hundreds of movies. In a career spanning almost four decades, Kapoor has acted in about 700 movies. Kapoor gained notoriety in 2005 when he was caught in a casting couch controversy. The actor is working as an RJ with Radio Nasha 107.2 FM. He has 1200 followers on Twitter and about 1300 on Facebook. He is followed by about 62000 people on Instagram.

We met the actor at his Juhu residence. The actor has already been briefed about our purpose, so we soon get down to talking business. This time around, the BJP is focusing more on digital promotion for elections in 2019. Before we could finish, the actor interjects in his eagerness, “Mere haath mein toh saare radio stations bhi hain (I have control of all radio stations).” But our focus is on digital promotion, we suggest. “Haan usmein batao (Yes, tell me about it),” he says, prompting us to tell him in detail all the finer points of the assignment. Apart from saying good things on various schemes and good works of the BJP government on social media, the actor would have to defend the party on issues like NRC. If a celebrity like him tweets saying this is happening the first time in India when Bangladeshi settlers, who are staying in the country as citizens, would be thrown out, it would make a lasting impression on the minds of the people. It will force to think. “Samajh gaya samajh gaya poori kahaani samajh gaya (I got it. I got the whole story),” he says agreeing.

After explaining him all what is required of him, we ask him if he has any confusion only to be reassured by the actor in these words, “Koi confusion nahi hai. Main toh waise bhi jab ye election mein Modi sahib khade huye thei … haan abhi ek hee baari toh khade huye … haan haan toh main inka star pracharak tha Uttarakhand ka … toh main aur Modiji ne ek hee manch pe bhashan bhi diye (There is no confusion. Anyway when Modi sahib had fought elections … yes [in 2014] he had stood once … yes, yes [as a PM candidate], I was their star campaigner for Uttarakhand … then I shared the dais with Modiji while giving a speech).”

Finding him to have agreed to play the ball, we tell the actor that since the funds are political it would be difficult to pay him all in white.  He would be paid about 10 percent in white and the rest in cash. “Number one mein daalo mat (Don’t pay in number one),” blurts the actor.

It may be recalled that Kapoor was among those few Bollywood celebrities who had gone to town claiming Modi’s demonetization move was intended to take on the scourge of black money. As we discover, such an act was for public consumption only.

We tell him we will have to pay at least 10 percent in white as there would be formal contract. “Toh ye kab tak karna hai (How long it will go on),” the actor asks. For nine months, we inform him. “Arre yaar ye toh paisa bhi fir nau karod hai (Oh, then friend, I will charge [Rs.] 9 crore),” the actor is prompt to quote his fee accordingly. We find it on a higher side of our budget and try to negotiate. Trying to get the best of the bargain, Kapoor says, “Aapko pata nahi Shakti Kapoor ne inke prachaar mein keh diya matlab mera TV pe bolna indirectly radio pe bolna sab mere haath mein hee hai mere do radio show chal rahe hain jab mein boloonga toh do mein teen mein boloonga na (You don’t know. Shakti Kapoor will promote them. Speaking on TV, promoting them on radio indirectly is in my hand. I run two shows on radio. So, when I talk on one show, I can talk the same thing on the second and the third show as well).” But you would not be paid for all nine months in advance, we say. You will be paid every month in advance. “Arre bhai chahiye iqatthe mere yaarhaan, per month per month baandh lo na kitna baandhna hai (Yes, then fix it per month. Tell me how much you want to fix per month),” the actor seeks to know.

We would rather have him fix it. But the actor would like us to fix it as he says, “Aap batao na maine toh bola nau karod, ek karod per mahina, nahi, nahi aap bolo na saamne se aapne Twitter ka baat kiya, Facebook ka baat kiya aur Instagram ka (You tell me. I have quoted Rs. 9 crore, 1 crore per month, no, no. You tell me upfront. I talked about Twitter, about Facebook and Instagram).” So, we tell him he would have to write messages on five contents that we would provide him every month on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. At the rate of Rs. 3 lakh per message we would pay him Rs. 75 lakh a month. You don’t want promotion on radio, he asks us. No sir, we say. But he still offers, “Aap boss ko bolo Shakti Kapoor bol rahe hain radio unke haath mein hai accha mujhe radio ka kuch nahi chahiye main boss ke liye dil se kar doonga (Tell your boss that Shakti Kapoor wants to do it free for him on radio).” But you want Rs. 1 crore a month for your fee, we say. Yes, he says. Sir, let us do like this, we tell him. Right now let us assume that we would pay you Rs. 75 lakh a month for your services, while we seek our boss’s approval for Rs. 1 crore. Of this Rs. 75 lakh, 10 percent will be paid by cheque, including GST. The rest will be paid in cash. Tell us if you have any issues with this arrangement, we ask. “Koi issue nahi (There is no issue),” he assures us.

But you will have to maintain secrecy about this deal, we tell him. Assuring us, Kapoor says in his inimitable style, spilling some beans, “Sir mere ko aap samajh rahe hain … Sir iske andar meri bhi maut ho sakti hai sir aap nahi samajh rahe hain. Main politics ke bahut nazdeek rah chuka hoon. Mere ko ek zamaane mein aapko pata nahi hai ki jab Sonia Gandhi down thee toh mujhe Sunil Dutt sahib ne Soniaji ke paas bheja tha, toh main uss time Soniaji ko Delhi mein kaafi seaton mein help kiya tha wo koi baat aaj tak kisi se nahi ki kaise kiya kya. Main aadhe actor yahaan se lekar jaata tha sab karta tha Sonia Gandhi jeeti lagataar duss saal waise hee meri abhi genuinely Modi sahib ke liye ye hai meri family ko bahut pyaar hai jab maine BJP ka prachar khud kiya hai same manch se kiya hai mera toh waise hee genuine lagega (Sir, don’t try to tell me. Sir, I can even die. Sir you don’t understand what I mean. I have seen politics from close quarters. Once upon a time, you don’t know, when Sonia Gandhi was down, Sunil Dutt sahib sent me to Soniaji. I helped Soniaji in many seats (constituencies) in Delhi. I took along many actors from here. I never told anything to anybody about what I did and how I did. I took along half of the fellow actors out there. Sonia Gandhi won for 10 years [two terms]. Now, we are genuinely in awe of Modi sahib. My family also loves him. When I have campaigned for the BJP from the same dais, people would take it genuine whatever I would tell them).”

These confessions make it clear that for the actor, like many other celebs, money is the only consideration for which they would switch their allegiance as easily as they would assay a character in a movie.

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