Upasana Singh, Actor and Stand-up Comedian

Upasana Singh, Actor and Stand-up Comedian

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Haan, aap pehle hee pay karte hain (Yes, do you pay in advance).”

Beginning her career with Rajshri Productions Babul, Upasana Singh became a household name as Bua, paternal aunt, on Comedy Nights With Kapil, a comedy show with millions of viewers across the globe. The stand-up comedian has acted in many Bollywood and regional films and TV series.

When we tell Upasana that our agenda is to promote the BJP so that it comes to power again in 2019, the actor says with much glee, “Main waise bhi BJP ke favour mein hoon BJP ko sach mein pasand karti hoon (Anyway, I am in fovour of the BJP. I really like the BJP).”

She thus sets the tone of our interview. What you have to do is you have to praise the BJP government by positively talking about various schemes in your own words on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so that it looks natural to your followers. We will provide you the content. “Haan, haan, baaki haan (Yes, yes, the rest assured),” the actor says. But you will have to do is employ your creativity so that people take it something as your own thought. Upasana assures us she would take approval before she posts a message on social media. “Wo main aapko pehle bhej doongi … fir aapko lagega okay hai toh fir (I will send it first to you … when you find it okay only then …),” says the actor. We cannot agree more.

The actor is, in fact, so excited with the prospect of getting a good deal that she forgets propriety while talking politics. Taking, perhaps, a leaf from the WhatsApp University, Upasana tells us that Indira Gandhi’s husband was a Muslim. Referring to Rahul Gandhi someone as a Muslim child, she say, “Toh ye bacche Musalman hain, toh wo Muslim hai toh wo poora toh kitna maine kiya hai dekho aisa nahi hai ki mere ko kisi Muslim lekin mere ko real lagti hain ye cheejein bahut buri (So, her children are Muslim, so he is a Muslim. I try to control myself, and you see I am not against any Muslim as such, but such things really hurt me).” Prodding her, we tell her she can make such tweets as warranted when the Congress launches personal attacks. You can tell the Congress leaders to introspect before raising such personal issues. Upasana says, “Haan, haan.” You can also lampoon opposition leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav, we suggest. Jumping at the idea, she says, “Haan, Mayawati wo hai bua toh main bhi Kapil Sharma Show kee bua hoon (Yes, if Mayawati is Bua then I am the Bua of Kapil Sharma Show).” Then why not say ‘One Bua is making the people laugh, the other Bua is making the people of Uttar Pradesh cry’, we further suggest. The actor hums in agreement, “Humm.”

Is the agenda clear to you, we ask her. “Haan, aap pehle hee pay karte hain (Yes, do you pay in advance),” she asks while saying yes. Yes, we will pay you in advance, we say. “Advance payment toh aath mahine mein kitni baar tweet karna hai ya Facebook pe daalna hai (You make advance payment. How many times in the next eight months will I have to make tweets or Facebook posts)?” she asks. We will give five contents a month to work on. She asks, “Toh wo aap cash denge (Will you pay that in cash)?” Since her fee has already been fixed through the agent at Rs. 1.50 lakh per message, we say she will be paid Rs. 7.50 lakh a month. Desperate to know how the cash will be delivered to her, Upasana asks, “To wo aap kaise wahan pe kaun aaya karega (So, how will be deliver that, who will come)?” We have our own ways to deal with that, we assure her. But she will be paid cash up to 80 percent of her fee and the remainder 20 percent will be paid in white.

With this understanding our interview with stand-up comedian comes to an end.

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