"Rahul Bhaiya... You Were On Leave": Amit Shah On Fisheries Ministry Row

"Rahul Bhaiya... You Were On Leave": Amit Shah On Fisheries Ministry Row

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February 28, 2021

The bitter back-and-forth over the crucial question of a "fisheries ministry" continued Sunday, with Home Minister Amit Shah the latest BJP leader to take on Congress MP Rahul Gandhi over last week's remark about fishermen needing a separate ministry to attend to their needs. In Puducherry to campaign for the BJP ahead of the April 6 Assembly election, Mr Shah took an elaborate swipe at Mr Gandhi, mocking him for not knowing that the centre had started a "fisheries department" two years ago, and for being unaware of this because he was "on leave".

New Delhi, 28 February 2021

"Rahul Gandhi said here a few days ago... why has the Modi government not created a separate department for fishermen. Narendra Modiji has already worked to form a separate ministry for fishermen. Rahul bhaiya (brother)... you were on leave, so you are not aware...," Mr Shah said. The "on leave" swipe was a reference to Mr Gandhi's trips abroad, which provide the BJP with ammunition to criticise the Congress leader. "I want to ask people of Puducherry... The party whose leader has been in Lok Sabha for four terms does not know fisheries department started in the country two years ago. Can that party take care of the welfare of Puducherry?" he asked.

Source - NDTV


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