"Modiji Endured Silently For 19 Years": Amit Shah

"Modiji Endured Silently For 19 Years": Amit Shah

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June 25, 2022

As per news report of NDTV, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had "endured false allegations" linked to the 2002 Gujarat riots silently for 19 years because the legal process was on, a day after the Supreme Court confirmed the then Chief Minister's exoneration.

New Delhi, 25 June 2022

"Modi ji endured false charges in silence for 19 years, nobody did a dharna," Mr Shah told news agency ANI in an interview, taking a swipe at the Congress which has been demonstrating for days over the interrogation of senior party leader Rahul Gandhi in a money laundering case. "I have closely seen Modi ji enduring this pain, facing the allegations despite being on the side of truth and because the judicial process was underway he did not speak. Only a man with a strong heart can do this," Amit Shah said.

Source -NDTV



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