Amnesty India chair stopped at Bengaluru airport from travelling to US

Amnesty India chair stopped at Bengaluru airport from travelling to US

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April 6, 2022

The chair of Amnesty International in India Aakar Patel said Wednesday he was prevented from travelling to the US by immigration authorities at the Bengaluru International Airport based on a look-out circular issued by the CBI in connection with a case against Amnesty India in 2019.

New Delhi, 06 April 2022

 “When I went to the airport this morning, the immigration said that I am on the Look Out Circular (LOC) from the CBI. This was something that I did not know. I have presented myself to the CBI whenever they have called me. I don’t know why should they have a look-out circular for someone they know about,” Patel, 51, said on Wednesday morning. “I found out that I was on the lookout list only when I went to the airport. It happened after check-in, at immigration. We put our bags in and had to go through immigration,” he said. As per news report of The Indian Express, Patel had recently recovered his passport from a Surat court in connection with a case filed by a BJP legislator and was set to travel to the US on Wednesday morning at the invitation of a few universities to deliver lectures.

Source - The Indian Express


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