Andhra Family Locks Itself In For 15 Months Fearing Death From Covid

Andhra Family Locks Itself In For 15 Months Fearing Death From Covid

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July 22, 2021

Andhra Pradesh police on Wednesday rescued a family, who confined themselves to a tent house for almost 15 months in Andhra Pradesh's Kadali village in fear of getting infected by COVID-19.


New Delhi, 22 July 2021

According to Kadali village sarpanch Choppala Gurunath, Ruthamma, 50, Kanthamani, 32, and Rani, 30, locked themselves almost 15 months ago when one of their neighbours died due to COVID-19. As per news report of NDTV, the matter came to light when a village volunteer went to get their thumb impression for allowing a housing plot for them under a government scheme. The volunteer informed the matter to village sarpanch and others. Speaking to ANI, Choppala Gurunath said, "The family of Chuttugalla Benny, his wife, and two children, have been residing here. They were afraid of Corona so they locked themselves in the house for almost 15 months.  Any volunteer or ASHA worker who went to that house used to return as nobody was responding. Recently some of their relatives informed that three people have locked themselves in that house and their health is in bad condition."

Source -NDTV


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