Mudslides and flooding as typhoon batters Japan

Mudslides and flooding as typhoon batters Japan

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September 20, 2022

Rescue workers in Japan have warned of mudslides and flooding as one of the biggest storms in recent decades batters the country.

New Delhi, 20 September 2022

As per news report of BBC, typhoon Nanmadol has killed at least two people and injured 90 others since it made landfall on the southern island of Kyushu on Sunday morning. Nine million people have been told to evacuate, and more than 350,000 homes are without power. Forecasts predict up to 400mm (16in) of rain over the next 24 hours. State broadcaster NHK said one man was killed when his car was submerged in flooding, and another died after being buried in a landslide. One more person remains missing, and reports say 87 others have been injured.

Source - BBC


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