China infra build-up in area bordering India is alarming: US General

China infra build-up in area bordering India is alarming: US General

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June 9, 2022

Calling Beijing’s behaviour “insidious” and “destablising”, a senior US General said Wednesday that China’s infrastructure development along its Western Theatre Command, which is responsible for the border with India across all sectors, is “alarming”.

New Delhi, 09 June 2022

As per news report of The Indian Express, Speaking to reporters in New Delhi, General Charles A Flynn, Commanding General of the United States Army Pacific, said, “I believe that the activity level is eye-opening. I think some of the infrastructure that is being created in the Western Theatre Command is alarming.” He said “much like across all of their military arsenal, one has to ask the question: Why?… What are their intentions?” Referring to the military and diplomatic talks to resolve the Ladakh standoff between India and China, he said, “I think the talks that are going on are helpful, but behaviour matters here as well. So, I think understanding what they are saying is one thing, but the way they are acting and behaving is concerning, and should be concerning to everyone, and I think it is.”

Source -The Indian Express


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