On Camera, UP Dalit Boy Forced To Lick Feet

On Camera, UP Dalit Boy Forced To Lick Feet

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April 19, 2022

In a shocking incident of caste-based violence in Uttar Pradesh's Raebareli, a minor boy from the Dalit community was assaulted and made to lick the feet of one of the accused.

New Delhi, 19 April 2022

As per news report of NDTV, a 2 min 30-second video viral on social media shows the boy sitting on the ground with his hands on his ears - a sign of punishment. The accused can be sitting on motorcycles, some of them laughing as the victim shakes in fear on the ground. One of the accused asks the victim the spell the name 'Thakur' - an upper caste and also abuses him. "Will you make such a mistake again?" another accused asks the victim. Another video appears to show the men accusing the victim of selling Marijuana, a charge the victim appears to accept under duress.

Source -NDTV



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