"Debates On TV Causing More Pollution": Chief Justice Amid Blame Game

"Debates On TV Causing More Pollution": Chief Justice Amid Blame Game

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November 17, 2021

The government must pursue farmers against stubble burning, the Supreme Court said today as it stressed that it does not want to punish them while Delhi and neighbouring cities see an escalating air quality crisis.

New Delhi, 17 November 2021

As per news report of NDTV, "We do not want to penalise the farmers. We have already asked the Centre to pursue and request those farmers to not burn stubble at least for a week," Chief Justice NV Ramana said today. As a blame game erupted over the data on farm fires, the Chief Justice pulled up the officials concerned: "Debates on TV are causing more pollution than any other sources. Everyone has their own agenda there. We are trying to work out a solution here." Justice Surya Kant, who had earlier insisted that farmers need incentives to find alternatives, today yet again underlined: "Irrespective of figures in affidavits, (we have to consider) the plight of the farmers...what compels him to burn stubble? Nobody is concerned about that. People sleeping in five-star hotels in Delhi blame farmers. Look at such small landholdings. Can they afford the machines you all talk about?"

Source - NDTV


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