China Hardening Its Position Along LAC With India: US Defence Secretary

China Hardening Its Position Along LAC With India: US Defence Secretary

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June 11, 2022

China is continuing to harden its position along the Line of Actual Control with India, US Defence Secretary Lloyd James Austin said today, stressing that America stands by its friends as they uphold their rights as Beijing adopts the "war coercive" and "aggressive approach" to its territorial claims.

New Delhi, 11 June 2022

As per news report of NDTV, Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Lloyd Austin noted that China is taking aggressive and illegal approaches to the territories it claims in the South China Sea and advancing its illegal maritime plans. "Further to the West, we see Beijing continuing to harden the position along the borders it shares with India," he said. The Indian and Chinese troops have been locked in a tense border standoff in eastern Ladakh since May 5, 2020, when a violent clash between the two sides erupted in the Pangong lake area. China has also been building bridges and constructing other infrastructure such as roads and residential units in the border areas with India. China also has maritime border disputes with various countries in the Indo-Pacific region such as Vietnam and Japan.

Source -NDTV


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