9 Chinese Among 13 Dead In Pak Bus Blast, Beijing Says "Punish" Attackers

9 Chinese Among 13 Dead In Pak Bus Blast, Beijing Says "Punish" Attackers

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July 14, 2021

Nine Chinese workers were among 13 people killed on Wednesday when a blast on a bus sent it careering down a ravine in northwestern Pakistan, government and police officials said. While Pakistani officials said the nature of the blast was under investigation, the Chinese embassy in Islamabad said its nationals had come under "attack".

New Delhi, 14  July 2021

As per news report of NDTV, In a statement on Wednesday, the Chinese embassy said that "a certain project of a Chinese firm in Pakistan suffered an attack, which caused the deaths of Chinese nationals". It urged Chinese firms to strengthen their security procedures and called for the swift arrest of the attackers. Condemning the attack, Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian urged Pakistan to "severely punish" the perpetrators "and earnestly protect the safety of Chinese nationals, organisations and projects" in the country. The bus was carrying Chinese engineers, surveyors and mechanical staff to the Dasu dam construction site in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, a local government official who did not want to be named told AFP.

Source -NDTV


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