Citywide school audit will cover about 5 percent of high school student files

Citywide school audit will cover about 5 percent of high school student files

Marta Jewson |
October 11, 2019

NOLA Public Schools district Superintendent Henderson Lewis Jr.’s promised citywide audit of high school academic records will cover about 5 percent of high school students, The Lens confirmed Tuesday.

Lewis announced the citywide audit in June, shortly after the announcement that irregularities identified in the records of John F. Kennedy High School students would result in half the Gentilly school’s 2019 class being unable to graduate on time. 

“We cannot allow this travesty to happen again,” Lewis said in June when he announced the probe. “We will audit student records at every high school, working with experts in the field to help us design high quality auditing tools.”

This week, the district provided The Lens with more details about the scope of the audit. Officials plan to “initially” examine 25 student files at each New Orleans high school it oversees. Ten of those will be the academic records of senior students and the rest will be divided among freshmen, sophomores and juniors. 

The district oversees 24 charter high schools and two so-called “contract” high schools. They enrolled about 12,600 students last year, according to state data. By reviewing 25 student files per school, NOLA Public Schools officials will cover 650 students, or 5 percent of about 12,600 high school students enrolled in district-overseen schools across the city. 

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