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January 13, 2016

When the scandal of Nithari in Noida broke, it raised, among others, one pertinent question: Is this affair has something to do with human organ trade? The Nithari scandal is still under investigation

When the scandal of Nithari in Noida broke, it raised, among others, one pertinent question: Is this affair has something to do with human organ trade? The Nithari scandal is still under investigation. But today the sensational revelations we are going to do have certainly to do with human organ trade. You will watch how the dead human body is exhibited and human organs are traded of. We will expose the dead human organ trade first time on Indian television.

Be it eyes, kidney, brain, liver, skull or the human skeleton, every part of the human body sells. A trade where the dealers bid for dead humans, fix the price for each different part of the body; a trade where dead, unborn children are sold. We are going to expose for the first time on television a hateful trade in the dead the reality of which will send the chill down your spine.

Are dead human organs traded for profit? Are the organs of dead humans sold off? All such questions may sound you awkward. Like you we also could not believe. To know the truth, we investigated those hospitals where unclaimed bodies are kept preserved for many months on end.

Bodies of most of the people who die of an accident or illness are handed over to their kin for last rites. But there are some unfortunate people who die incognito in accidents or due to illness, never to be identified. Their bodies lay in hospital mortuaries and when nobody turns up to claim them they are cremated or are handed over to a medical college or institute according to procedures laid down in rule book. But now we are going to expose a market where the unclaimed bodies are traded for profit, and body parts of those unfortunate people are sold off who die incognito.

How the trade in dead human organs is conducted? Who are those involved in this shady racket? When we investigated this affair, we came to know about a person of Agra who has been trading in the dead human organs for the past so many years. To investigate further, we reached Agra.

This is Agra. In the heart of the city lies a locality called Gokulpura. This locality is home to a cemetery, and adjacent to this cemetery stands a shop of medical equipment and dummy models of human skeleton, RP Singh & Sons. To what the real trade that the shop plies, we approached its owner Sanjeev Chauhan under the pretext that we were planning to open a center which would supply dead human bodies and organs to various medical colleges and wanted his help. We knew this man from Agra sells dead human bodies and organs. Initially, Sanjeev Chauhan remained adamant that he can help us only with dummy models of human body, but it did not take much time and effort to unravel his 

Sanjeev Chauhan quoted us a price of Rs.15 000 for a human skeleton and asked for two weeks to deliver the order. Now, we wanted to know what kinds of human organs could Sanjeev supply us. When we got to know, we were chocked with shock. Sanjeev brought before us jars full of real human organs.

Before our eyes on that table lay eyes, brain and bones strewn around. According to the trader-of-the-dead Sanjeev, selling the organs of dead human beings has been his family business. Although he supplies scientific equipment and models to schools and colleges, he actually deals in the dead under the cover that this business provides him. 

At what scale Sanjeev, the dealer-in-the-dead, is doing this business? From where does he get the dead bodies and the organs? We will get to you with more details after a short break …stay tuned to ‘Benaqab.’

We are exposing those people who living by selling the dead and their organs. One such person is Sanjeev Chauhan who is running a business of this kind which not only shames the humanity but is also illegal. Yet Sanjeev Chauhan is not the one to fear the law, instead he is running it from Agra like a businessman with impunity.

There is a cemetery lying next to Sanjeev Chauhan’s house at Agra. Does the man run his business of organ trading with a helping from this cemetery, we wondered? Does he sell the skeletons and organs after exhuming dead bodies from the cemetery? When we tried to get him around to tell us about this cemetery, Sanjeev Chauhan shrewdly brushed the topic aside. But when he brought forth the details of his trade, it sent the chill down our spine. Sanjeev told us he supplies unborn children from one month to nine month old.


We are exposing the trade in dead humans and their organs. Every part of the bodies of the dead, from eyes to brain, to lever and bones, is being sold. Sanjeev Chauhan, the trader-in-the-dead, who has been running this business from Agra for many years, has a complete rate list of such organs on sale. To expose Sanjeev we struck a deal with him for some organs, and to finalize this deal he invited us over to his home.

Although we had exposed the trade in dead human organs, there were questions assailing our minds. Who are those unfortunate children whose body parts are being sold off for profit? Who are those anonymous people whose skeletons are being sold in the marketplace? Is Sanjeev Chauhan a tomb raider on the prowl who feeds on the dead bodies cremated in the cemetery nearby his house? How far the tentacles of this dead humans are spread?

When people begin to sell dead bodies for a killing, it is death of humanity. Those people who buy human organs are as much guilty of the crime. Who are those involved in this shady business? What the buyers of human organs do of these organs? Is this inhuman business thriving in parts of the country other than Agra? All these issues need to be thoroughly investigated.  


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