Colleagues Defend "Kind" UK Minister Priti Patel Over Bullying Report

Colleagues Defend "Kind" UK Minister Priti Patel Over Bullying Report

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November 20, 2020

Colleagues defended British interior minister Priti Patel on Friday after the BBC and other media reported that an inquiry looking into claims of bullying against her concluded she had broken ministerial rules.

New Delhi, 20 November 2020

As per news report of NDTV, Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked officials in March to carry out the inquiry to "establish the facts" after allegations were raised against Patel, one of the most senior ministers in the government. That followed the resignation of Philip Rutnam, the top official in the interior ministry, who alleged Patel had been guilty of bullying staff. Citing unnamed sources, the BBC, other broadcasters and UK newspapers said a draft report found Patel had broken the ministerial code - stating that ministers should treat officials with respect - and that there was evidence of bullying, albeit "unintentional".

Source -NDTV


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