Next few weeks are critical in India's coronavirus war

Next few weeks are critical in India's coronavirus war

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April 13, 2020

At the weekend, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the next three to four weeks would be "critical" to prevent the spread of coronavirus in India.

New Delhi, 13 April 2020

As per BBC news report, Ever since its first case was confirmed on 30 January, India has taken a number of measures to try and combat the coronavirus. It has eased testing eligibility and invoked a draconian 122-year-old colonial-era epidemic diseases law to restrict public gatherings, among other things. Now it is set to extend a strict three-week lockdown - scheduled to end on 15 April - until the end of the month. More than a billion people continue to stay at home and land, rail and air transport remain suspended.

There have been some 180,000 tests for the infection so far. Some 4.3% of the samples have tested positive. The contagion has killed 273 people. It has reportedly spread to nearly half of the country's 700-odd districts. Several hotspots have been identified.

Source -BBC


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