India Covid aid: Is emergency relief reaching those in need?

India Covid aid: Is emergency relief reaching those in need?

Newsdesk |
May 7, 2021

As India's devastating Covid-19 crisis mounted last month, countries around the world began sending emergency medical supplies to help stem the surge.

New Delhi, 07 May 2021                                                                           

As per news report of BBC, planeloads of ventilators, medicines and oxygen equipment began pouring into India, from countries including the UK and the US, at the start of last week. By Sunday, some 300 tonnes of supplies on 25 flights had arrived at Delhi International Airport alone. But - as cases continue to reach record levels across the country - concerns are mounting about delays in supplying the aid to those most in need. For several days, much of the cargo sat in airport hangars as hospitals called for more support. The supplies did not begin being distributed until as late as Monday evening - more than a week after the first batch of emergency assistance arrived, state officials have told local media.



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