DIGIPUB and Editors Guild condemns IT ‘surveys’ at Newsclick, Newslaundry

DIGIPUB and Editors Guild condemns IT ‘surveys’ at Newsclick, Newslaundry

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September 11, 2021

The DIGIPUB News India Foundation on Saturday condemned the I-T Raids at the media organizations News Click and News Laundry offices on Friday.

New Delhi, 11 September 2021

DIGIPUB said in its statement, “DIGIPUB is shocked by the harassment meted out by Income Tax officials to the editors of the two publications. Phones and laptops were impounded during the search and data was cloned. This violates the right to privacy. It also compromises journalistic sources. It is a cause for grave worry that the authorities have potentially gained access to confidential information that the journalists may have been privy to in the course of their work.”

The Editors Guild of India (EGI) also issued a statement on Saturday expressing concerns over the Income Tax “surveys” at the offices of news websites NewsClick and Newslaundry. The media body has termed the trend of the government agencies harassing and intimidating independent media as “dangerous”, saying it undermines our constitutional democracy.

The Guild demands that great care and sensitivity be shown in all such investigations so as to not undermine the rights of journalists and media organisations. Further, to ensure that such investigations are conducted within the prescribed rules and that they don’t degenerate into instruments of harassment to intimidate independent media.


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