India set to ease airspace curbs

India set to ease airspace curbs

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May 17, 2020

India will ease restrictions on Indian airspace utilisation to reduce cost of flying, Finance Minister Nrimala Sitharaman said on Saturday. Outlining the fourth tranche India's Rs20 trillion fiscal stimulus announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the minister said at a media briefing that to ensure optimum utilisation of airspace, the government will ease restrictions on the utilisation of Indian airspace.

New Delhi, 17 May 2020

As per news report of Khaleej Times, She also announced that that six more airports would be auctioned to private players."As of today only 50 per cent of India's airspace is free for use. This needs to be increased and optimised. This will not only save cost of fuel, but also save time. This is being done to give civil aviation a boost. This is a sector which has tremendous potential in India," Sitharaman said.

Source -Khaleej Times


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