Eid security tightened in Muzaffarnagar

Eid security tightened in Muzaffarnagar

Cobrapost |
June 5, 2016

Eid security tightened in Muzaffarnagar

In view to heighten security measures against terror attacks, security has been tightened around 127 Eidgahs in Muzaffarnagar. The district magistrate of Muzaffarnagar, DK Singh, said that the security around 127 Eidgahs (open-air places of worship) has been tightened in the district before the festival of Eid. The security arrangements of 127 ‘Eidgahs’ in the district have been tightened as a precautionary measure keeping in mind the multiple attacks the world over leading up to the Eid festival.

Baghdad, Dhaka, and Istanbul are a few cities that have already undergone successful terror attempts in the past few weeks. The period of Ramadan is meant to be a period of peace, harmony and penance, but recent incidents have disturbed this environment of universal benediction.

Thousands come out to pray at Eidgahs that act as open-air gathering places, usually in the peripheries of the city, to perform the Salat-al-Eid (Eid prayers) for Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha and the security of these people is deemed to be of paramount importance by law enforcement agencies.

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