‘No plans to enter politics’: Rajinikanth dissolves Rajini Makkal Mandram

‘No plans to enter politics’: Rajinikanth dissolves Rajini Makkal Mandram

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July 12, 2021

Actor Rajinikanth on Monday announced that he has no plans of entering politics and dissolved his outfit Rajini Makkal Mandram. The announcement came after he met the members of his forum to discuss its future. “The forum will now function as Rajini Rasigar Narpani Mandram to carry out welfare activities,” the actor said.

New Delhi, 12  July 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express,  “After I said that I won’t be entering politics, there are questions among office bearers and the fans over the future of Makkal Mandram. We converted the Rajini Rasigar Mandram as Rajini Makkal Mandram as I had decided to enter politics. We created various positions, groups in the district as well as in-state. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we weren’t able to achieve what we desired. I don’t have any plans to enter politics in the future. Hence, I would like to inform you that the Rajini Makkal Mandram will be dissolved and it will continue to function as Rajini Rasigar Mandram to carry out welfare activities like before,” the actor’s statement read.

Source -indianexpress.com


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