Fake News On Twitter Won’t Have A Single Fix, Said CEO Jack Dorsey

Fake News On Twitter Won’t Have A Single Fix, Said CEO Jack Dorsey

November 13, 2018

'It’s a lot like security, no one can build a perfect lock,' Dorsey said, explaining why fake news is not an easy problem to solve.

Elections in India are just months away, and fake news on social media is a major concern. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is visiting the country, and has met Congress President Rahul Gandhi. He plans to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well, and sources said that fake news is likely to be a subject of discussion. However, Dorsey said that solving fake news is not going to be a single-step solution, but an evolving process.

"There will be no simple fix, but rather an evolving solution," Dorsey said, while speaking at IIT Delhi. "It's a lot like security, where no one can build a perfect lock, you just need to be 10 steps ahead of the people trying to break in. Maybe an AI will build a perfect lock someday."

Facebook, which has also struggled to deal with fake news, has a similar position on the issue.

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