Farmers Reject Amit Shah's Offer After He Said "Ready To Discuss Demands"

November 29, 2020

Punjab farmers, who are protesting against the Centre's new farm laws, rejected Union home minister Amit Shah's proposal for a discussion on their grievances. The farmers said the offer was a conditional one - the minister had said they should move their protest to a designation spot in the national capital if they agr | Read more|

Farmers Allowed To Enter Delhi, To Be Escorted To Protest Site

November 27, 2020

Thousands of farmers were allowed to enter Delhi today for a planned protest against new farm laws after a morning of clashes with the police at the border with Haryana. Even after the Delhi Police announced that they could enter, escorted by cops, teargassing and water sprays continued, apparently to control crowds. | Read more|

28 Trains Suspended In Punjab Amid Farmers' Protest

September 26, 2020

At least 28 passenger trains have been cancelled as famers in Punjab continued blocking train tracks as part of the "Rail Roko" protest against the three new controversial farm bills now extended till September 29. However, the Railways is yet to announce a revised schedule. Farmers, thousands of whom blocked highways | Read more|