From Karnataka to Ghazipur, fresh boost for protest

From Karnataka to Ghazipur, fresh boost for protest

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February 8, 2021

A group of 50 farmers from Karnataka arrived at the Ghazipur border on Sunday, set up tents, and joined the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) and other farm unions to protest against the three farm laws.

New Delhi, 08 February 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express, Sharathkumar (39), member of the Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS), said, “We held protests in Bengaluru and Mysuru this month and also attended the mahapanchayat in UP. We are ready to sit with the farmers here… we are all in this together. My wife and my brother are taking care of our vegetable farm.” The delegation of farmers and leaders from KRRS, led by president Kodihalli Chandrashekhar, met BKU leader Rakesh Tikait and pledged to call more farmers to the protest.



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