Meghalaya Governor Meets PM Modi On Farm Laws, Says He Was "Arrogant"

Meghalaya Governor Meets PM Modi On Farm Laws, Says He Was "Arrogant"

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January 3, 2022

When Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik went to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the farmers' issue recently, he says he ended up fighting with the PM, who was "very arrogant", within five minutes.

New Delhi, 03 January 2022

As per news report of NDTV, Mr Malik, while addressing a social function at Dadri in Haryana on Sunday, said, "He was very arrogant. When I told him that 500 of our own farmers had died, he asked, 'Did they die for me?'" "I told him yes, since you are the king. Anyway, I ended up having a fight with him. He told me to meet Amit Shah and so I did," the Governor added. He said when a dog dies, the PM sends letters to offer condolences. Mr Malik has been taking swipes at the government and the BJP leadership, especially on the farmers' issue, and has often reiterated that he is not scared of being asked to step down from his post. He was appointed governor -- in Jammu and Kashmir and Goa, before being posted to Meghalaya.

Source - NDTV


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