Horse racing: Thousands of racehorses killed in slaughterhouses

Horse racing: Thousands of racehorses killed in slaughterhouses

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July 19, 2021

Thousands of racehorses are being sent to slaughterhouses in Britain and Ireland, a BBC Panorama investigation has found.

New Delhi, 19 July 2021

As per news report of BBC, some of the slaughtered animals were once owned and trained by some of the biggest names in racing.Covert recording also showed how rules designed to protect horses from a cruel death appear to be regularly ignored at one of the UK's biggest abattoirs.The abattoir told the BBC it did not accept any form of animal abuse.One expert described the covert footage, from cameras installed by the campaign group Animal Aid, as evidence of clear breaches of the regulations.Last February, a picture of top trainer Gordon Elliott sitting on a dead horse sent shockwaves through the world of racing and beyond.

Source -BBC


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