6 Who Arrived In India Test Positive For UK Mutant Strain

December 29, 2020

Six cases of a mutant strain of coronavirus that first surfaced in the UK, have been detected in the country. The new strain is believed to be 70 per cent more infectious, but doctors have said there is no reason yet to believe that it is more lethal or will not be controlled by a vaccine. All six patients have recentl | Read more|

Telangana Boy Kidnapped, Killed. Accused's Skype Ransom Call A Giveaway

October 23, 2020

Dikshit Reddy, 9, was playing with his friends near his home in Telangana's Mahbubabad on Sunday evening when his neighbor, a young mechanic, invited him to ride his bike. That was the last anyone saw him alive. The child's burnt body was found yesterday. He was strangled allegedly by the neighbor, Manda Sagar, who was | Read more|


November 4, 2017
IndusInd Bank, Case 4,

IndusInd Bank, Case 4, T.J. Reddy, Branch Manager; Srikanth K, Customer Service Manager, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh | Read more|