India reported 1,68,063 new Covid-19 cases

India reported 1,68,063 new Covid-19 cases

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January 11, 2022

India on Tuesday reported 1,68,063 new Covid-19 cases and 277 related deaths even as the country’s active count mounted to 8,21,446, data from the Union Ministry of Health showed. The daily positivity rate stood at 10.64 per cent.

New Delhi, 11 January 2022

As per news report of The Indian Express, the Omicron tally, meanwhile, has reached 4,461, with Maharashtra reporting the highest number of cases (1,247), followed by Rajasthan (645) and Delhi (546). Delhi on Tuesday ordered all private offices to shut down and ask their employees to work from home, barring those in the exempted category such as private banks, pharmacies and courier services. This comes a day after the Delhi government asked restaurants in the national capital to discontinue dine-in facilities, allowing only takeaway and delivery services. In other news, 9.68 lakh people from three priority groups — the elderly with comorbidities, healthcare workers, and frontline workers — were administered the third dose across the country on the first day of the rollout.

Source - The Indian Express


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