Jharkhand resident booked for forging PM’s signature

Jharkhand resident booked for forging PM’s signature

Cobrapost |
July 20, 2016

Jharkhand resident booked for forging PM’s signature

A Jharkhand resident was booked by the CBI on Tuesday for allegedly forging signature of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a letter, which claimed that he had been invited to organise a musical programme for Independence Day celebrations in New Delhi.

The letter from one Pandit Swaraj Kumar Roy was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) which was taken aback as no such communication had been issued. The matter was then referred to the CBI for enquiry and the agency registered a case after preliminary investigations.

Roy, who hails from Bokaro, had sent a letter dated May 2015, purportedly issued by Prime Minister’s Office, asking him to organise a classical music programme on Independence Day, a CBI Spokesperson said today.

“The allegations pertain to forgery of signatures of Prime Minister of India on a letter purportedly issued by the PMO to the said accused for arranging classical music programme on upcoming Independence Day,” she said.

The spokesperson said searches were conducted at Bokaro steel City (Jharkhand) and Bishnupur District Bankra (West Bengal) from the premises of accused which led to the recovery of large number of incriminating forged documents and articles relating to forgery of the signatures of Prime Minister of India. No arrest has yet been made in the case.


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